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Dura-Curb™ is an easy-to-install raised separator system. It provides superior channelization by providing both a physical and visual barrier for motorists. Motorists are deterred from crossing over the separator system due to its raised profile.

The rounded Dura-Curb modules are constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic. This extremely durable material provides superior UV resistance and is unaffected by road salts and oils common to the roadway environment. The system's integrated color Vision-Strips are molded into the modules--no paint to smudge off!

Why is Dura-Curb™ the Best Choice?

  • Can be installed by city crews
  • Quick Release Base System for Delineators
  • Highly Durable HMW/HDPE Plastic Construction
  • Integrated Color Vision-Strips Molded Into Modules
  • No Paint Finishes to Smudge Off
  • Modular Design Easily Fits Around Common Obstructions
  • Wide Selection of Delineators Available
  • Superior Visibility in All Conditions
  • Water Scuppers at Every Section

Superior Visibility

The Dura-Curb features built-in color Vision-Strips that are integrated into the
curb modules. These strips form a continuous visual line for motorists to follow. Reflective arches enable the motorist to see the shape of the curb at night or in low light conditions. Hazard markers and delineators are also equipped with reflective sheeting for superior visibility.

Dura-Curb™ Applications

The Dura-Curb™ Raised Separator System is ideal for a wide range of applications.


Rail Crossings


Merging Lanes

Work Zones


Edge Lines