Dura-Curb Installation

Step 1

Review detailed traffic engineering plan regarding length, angle, spacing, location and all related placement issues.

Step 2

Draw a string line tight, 6 inches off the centerline of the curb. Use the string as a guide to lay the curb sections in place. Follow with the second, third, fourth, etc., with the desired spacing between curb sections. Factory spacing recommendation is no less then 1/2 inch apart. Spacing should be no more than 1 inch for visual considerations; however, if drainage or other considerations warrant more, gap is acceptable.
Please note that Dura-Curb installations should begin and end with an end section.

Step 3

Drill one 3/4 inch hole 6 inches deep using one of the side holes in the 40 inch curb section (three holes for each end section) as the template.

Step 4

Clean out the hole after drilling. Use the lag provided with the special Red-Butt Molly as an anchor to keep the curb section in position while drilling the second hole. Clean out the second hole and install the Red-Butt Molly using the directions in Step 5.

Step 5

Place the large washer on the lag and start the lag in the Red-Butt Molly by threading it in approximately one 1/2 inch. Pound the lag and Molly through the hole in the curb section and into the previously drilled and cleaned pavement holes.

Step 6

Finish screwing the lag into the pavement taking care not to over tighten. Approximately 15 foot-pounds of pressure is all that is required. Continue installing each curb section as described and in accordance with engineering plans. Pick up the string line.

Step 7

Tapered nose end sections are universal and can be installed on either end of curb system. Each tapered nose has 3 holes. Anchor same as curb.

Step 8

Unless otherwise specified the curb has been equipped with quick-release anchors for the delineators. Simply position the delineator in the desired direction and slip the boot over the washer and lag heads and twist into place. D-Tent pin will drop into position and lock the delineator into place. Torque the shoulder lag screw to provide a tight fit. To remove, simply lift the pin and twist. The pull ring may be removed for anti-theft feature. Turn the lag screw slightly if fit adjustment is required.

Step 8A

Delineators may be spaced as required (every curb section, every other curb section, every tenth curb sectionů). Panel Delineators may also be rotated 90 degrees to provide maximum visibility for side roads.

Step 9

Retro-reflective arch delineators can be installed in the same location as the panel delineators. Arches are secured with the lag bolt provided. Arch delineators may be installed at any point during the Dura-Curb installation process.