Dura-Curb Specifications

Curb Requirements

Raw Material

The Median Barrier Separator shall be composed of 100% virgin high molecular weight high density polyethylene. The raw material used in the manufacture of the separator must contain greater than 2% carbon black for UV stabilization. The colorization used in the Median Barrier Separator shall be introduced during the manufacture of raw material. No post painting shall be permitted.

Shape and Size

The Median Barrier Separator shall not exceed 4 inches in height or 12 +/- 1/2 inches in width nor weigh less than 71 lbs. per linear foot. It shall possess gently sloping sides in order to facilitate crossover by emergency vehicles. An 18" tapered end section shall be used where transition is visually desirable.

Installed Specifications

Curb sections shall not be interconnected. Ability to space section according to scupper needs and length requirements.

Delineator Requirements

Panel Delineator

The Panel used in conjunction with the Median Barrier Separator shall be composed of high impact resistant plastic and be capable of serving as a media for reflective sheeting. The reflective sheeting shall be Type III flexible and have a smooth weather resistant outer service. The Panel shall be between 30" and 48" in height and conform to all applicable Federal Highway Specifications and Standards. The Panel shall be connected to the Median Barrier Separator in a manner that allows it to return to a vertical position if struck from any angle.

Reflective Saddle Arches

Reflective saddle arches shall be used to delineate the shape of the Separator. Placement shall be on alternating Median Barrier Separator sections or as directed by the specifying engineer.

Deployment and Installation

The Median Barrier Separator Sections shall have the capability of being deployed easily from a truck or trailer. Sections shall have the ability to nest together when stacked. Installation and deployment shall be per manufacturer’s recommendations or as directed by the specifying engineer.