Why is Dura-Curb the Best Choice?

The Answer is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Modular Design - Accommodates Common Obstructions

Dura-Curb is modular and its sections do not interconnect – each section is anchored independently. This design provides tremendous advantages when installers must work around common obstructions, such as drains, junction boxes, etc. Simply space the sections around the obstruction – leave space between modules and work around it! Other separator products must interconnect end-to-end and don’t allow this flexibility!

2. Durable Construction – Scuff Damage Doesn’t Affect Appearance

The Dura-Curb’s black HMW/HDPE material is resilient and is not yellow-painted like other separator products. Instead, Dura-Curb’s color Vision-Strips are molded right into the product. When impacted, there is no yellow paint to scuff off, so the Dura-Curb system remains attractive for the long-term with minimal maintenance.

3. Superior Expertise, Service and Support